28 October 2011

keyboard layouts

My brief note on alternative keyboard layouts, written in 2008, still gets comments occasionally. I guess people stumble onto it as a result of googling something or other.

One responder referred to Dvorak, Lojban and Linux as “3 of the most logical and smart things humanity has created recently,” proof that people exist who think very differently from the way I think.

27 October 2011

another band using a conlang

The musical group Prince Rama dabbles in conlangery/glossolalia.

From an article found online: “I kind of invented my own language in the process of making this record,” Taraka explains over the phone from outside a Cracker Barrel in Virginia… “I’d start experimenting with just letting syllables come out and seeing what happened.” The second cut from Trust Now, ‘Summer of Love’ (for which the official video was shot at a Hare Krishna temple on Comm Ave) starts out in Sanskrit, moves to English, and then into her invented language.

The full article is here.

26 October 2011

the Copaile Cipher

Researchers have cracked the Copiale Cipher, which I have to admit, I never heard of until this news story hit the wire services.

If you want to see close-up images of the manuscript, follow this link.