20 February 2009

an idea for anime fans

If you download anime shows via bittorrents or other means, here's an idea to ponder... how about obtaining the "raw" (untranslated) version of your favorite show and creating subtitles for it in your own conlang?

If you're not into anime you could do the same with any live-action TV show that you can grab off the net. Imagine seeing Lost or an Australian football match or a classic Star Trek episode with subtitles in your own language.

Here is a link to a Google search for subtitle-creating software.

16 February 2009

Sona on YouTube

Never would have expected this to happen: a YouTube video about word formation in Sona. There has also been a slight increase in activity in the Sona forum.

I like the look and sound of Sona but can't seem to hold the "radicals" in my memory for any length of time. So, I fear I will never gain fluency in the language.

It's fascinating to watch how interest in Sona ebbs and flows over time. The pattern seems to be this: one person gets very interested for a month or two, then the passion fades a little and he/she puts Sona "on the back burner." A year later, somebody new comes along who is very very interested, but there is nobody else equally ardent at that time. So a self-sustaining chain reaction never occurs; little or no communication in Sona ever happens.