20 November 2010

Here is the News

The website of the American TV network ABC has brought invented languages into the public eye by writing a lengthy description of the play ‘The Memorandum.’

On undercover.fm there's a news item entitled Jessica Mauboy Re-Records Single In Simlish

The Register published a fairly long article called Speak geek: The world of made-up language.

The Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate (Australia) has published a brief profile of a woman who collects Esperanto books.

10 November 2010

bilingualism delays Alzheimer's

Research indicates polyglots with Alzheimer's syndrome fare better than monoglots.

Na Papiamentu, fo'i wepsait di Radio Hulanda: Hendenan ku ta papia dos idioma regularmente ta parse di ta haña síntomanan dje enfermedat di Alzheimer na edat mas avansá, kompará ku esnan ku ta papia ún idioma so, segun investigadónan kanades… Mente di bilingwonan, o sea esnan ku ta papia dos idioma, tabata mustra e mes síntomanan ku di pashènt ku ta uza ún idioma so, pero ku e diferensha ku e enfermedat tinbe ta aparesé 5 aña despues numa serka esnan bilingwal.

04 November 2010

Here is the News

The many delights of Portland's Vagabond Opera (in The Seattle Times) mentions Oshtal, "a vaguely Slavic-sounding invented language" used by the vaudeville-operatic troupe Vagabond Opera.

The theatre listings in The New York Times mention Vaclev Havel’s drama The Memorandum which features an invented language.

AustralianStage.com reviews a play called The Golden Age. In this play, "two young chaps are bushwalking when they stumble across some odd people. They turn out to be a tribe of forgotten settlers, who have, in their isolation, evolved a culture and language unique unto themselves."