12 January 2012

a Tango word for crying

To sob and emit tears, with or without wailing… how to say this in my lang of mostly 5-letter words?

Glancing at various polyglot wordlists I observed the following clues…

plakat’ and similar words in Slavic languages

plori in Esperanto
plorer in Old French
(derived from Latin plorare)

/kū/ in Mandarin Chinese

At this point a Tango word is starting to take shape:
pl- something -k- something.

Since Tango verbs must end with -e or -u, I will choose -u in this case. Now I have pl_ku.

plaku and ploku didn’t quite feel right, so I considered the similar options blogu, bloku, plogu. And it quickly became apparent that bloku felt most correct.

Inspiration to make a Tango word hits me about once a week. At this rate of word creation it should only take about 20 years to create a basic vocabulary.