02 January 2012

“an Esperanto-type crank”

A John Heilemann article in New York magazine refers to politician Ron Paul as “an Esperanto-type crank.” This term comes from a 1996 New Yorker article by Michael Kelly, who wrote:

The Esperanto-type crank is a sort of unified-field theorist, a believer in the one great idea that will fix everything… The driving dream of every Esperanto-type crank is that if he could only explain things to enough people, carefully enough, eventually everyone would see, and then everything would be fixed.

Interesting observation. So many people have strong opinions about Esperantists, I wonder how many of them have ever actually met an Esperantist?

1 comment:

Brian Barker said...

There are many people who call themselves Esperantists but who do not speak it.

It think it better to be an Esperanto speaker myself - the description also replies to the negative and incorrect descripton that "nobody speaks the language"

Dankon pro la interesa atentigo :)