16 January 2012


While tidying up my computer, rummaging through old files, I found a message that Jack Campin wrote in the newsgroup sci.lang back in 1991 describing the play and the invented language called Orghast:

It’s an artificial language created by the English poet Ted Hughes for a spectacle at Persepolis in the 70s to celebrate the so-called 2500th anniversary of the Shah’s dynasty. He wrote the whole play in it. It’s a sort of poetic reconstruction of proto-Indo-European but with many of the words derived by Hughes’ meditations on what the appropriate sound for each referent ought to be.

I googled a bit to see if the web holds any good descriptions of the language or the spectacle in which it was used. I found a terse but fascinating summary of a related book.

And here is a message suggesting that a complete description of the language was never published.