20 January 2012

Kalaba-X 55th anniversary

Praise strongly Kalaba-X speaker.

This year is the 55th anniversary of Kalaba-X's first appearance in print. This delightfully strange and incredibly useful conlang was designed by professional linguist Kenneth L. Pike (1912-2000). In 1957 a lecture that he gave during the prior year was published in Bibliotheca Sacra. People who are having trouble breaking free of their native language and grasping the underlying meanings of what they are trying to say should spend a few hours with Kalaba-X. It is a great emancipator; it helps to rip up the straitjacket of native language habits.

Pike’s description of Kalaba-X and its benefits is online at talideon.com thanks to Keith Gaughan.

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dtedac said...

Thanks for this entry on Kalaba-X. I am enjoying learning about it and I believe it will help me to analyze speech and language.