31 May 2008

time to write a few books maybe

I had so much fun producing the 'zine that I am toying with the idea of compiling some books. One idea is a compilation of my favorite articles from Journal of Planned Languages.

Lulu.com makes it possible for reclusive hermits to produce good-looking publications without having to deal with printers face-to-face. Sweet! Y'all should write some books or 'zines too. Go on, don't be shy, it's perfectly safe

when used as directed. But contact your doctor right away if you experience hives, bleeding gums, or fainting spells as these may be signs of a rare but serious side-effect...

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Steve said...

I'm in the early phase of a project to produce free e-texts and cheap (no-royalty Lulu) books in various auxlangs. My goal in part is to encourage auxlangers to bypass the movement-based publishing paradigm and put auxlang materials in mainstream fora. I'll also try to get them on Gutenberg.org alongside current texts in Esperanto and Interlingua.

The project will be wiki based. I hope to have the Ido wiki up by the end of the month. From there I'll branch out to other auxlangs.