04 May 2008

Modern Timucua

I live on a rural piece of land in the area where Timucua was once the predominant language. One of the many, many things on my “list of things to do” is attempting a micro-revival of this language. I have 2 acquaintances who say they would be willing to learn at least a few phrases of it, so at least in theory, it's possible that a few sentences of the old language could be heard here again.

Possibly, perhaps. It would be a lot of work. Gaps in the known lexicon would have to be filled in. In the 1993 edition of A Grammar and Dictionary of the Timucua Language, Julian Granberry indicates some uncertainty about exactly how f and b were actually pronounced. Anyone attempting a revival of the language would have to make arbitrary decisions about such matters, but how? Based on what authority?

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