16 January 2008

ULD 2.7 is updated

Inspired by an inquiry from a fan of the project, I finally added another chapter to the 2.7 version of the Universal Language Dictionary. Wow, that project is way behind schedule. I lower my head in shame.

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Anonymous said...

While we would love to see the ULD finished, I did want to say that even in its current conditions, it is still one of the most useful conlang resources I've found. Not just because it helped me to develop a working lexicon, but because it also makes me think about the direction I want my language to go. I am not just copying and pasting, I'm taking only the bits that fit the concepts I want to have in my language. Broken down into categories as you have, I get to think about what's appropriate and what's not for what I want.

So, good luck finishing up your work, but in the meantime, kudos for having put together what you have.