30 December 2007

Free File Frenzy, part 1

One of my bad habits is downloading audio courses that teach various languages. I describe it as a bad habit because I am addicted and it uses too much of my time. I have made a New Year's Resolution to spend less time doing this sort of thing. We will see if I can restrain myself at all.

In this series of articles I will mention a few sources of courses.

Indiana University's CeLTIE Audio Archives provides audio material for Bambara, Igbo, Lithuanian and Uzbek, among others.

In most cases you would need to obtain a hardcopy textbook to accompany the audio if you actually want to learn the language. But in many cases just hearing samples of a language is satisfying. These courses often begin with a native speaker reciting all the phonemes of the language, then giving a few simple greetings before moving on to more complex sentences.

Indiana University also provides its students with a Foreign/Second Language Portal. Some of the materials there can be downloaded by the general public. Others require a user-ID and password which are only available to students and staff of IU.

this topic will be continued...

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