19 December 2007

Entropy: LangMaker, Mulivo, Exolinguistics

Bad news from around the web:

The LangMaker wiki has been down for several days, due to some sort of database problem.

While revisiting the Mulivo site today I discovered a message posted last month saying its organizers don't expect to work on it anymore. That's a shame because Mulivo is one of my favorite polyglot dictionary projects; I like the way the entries are laid out.

In alt.language.artificial, someone mentioned that the Exolinguistics group on Yahoo simply disappeared.


Jeffrey Henning said...

I'm over my database quota. Still trying to sort out how much more it will cost a month to resolve this.

Rick said...

Jeffrey, I wonder if you would benefit from switching to a host that charges for actual bandwidth and disk space usage but does not have quotas or monthly minimum bills. I use NearlyFreeSpeech dotnet but I only do static pages so I don't know if they would be a good deal for database driven stuff.