16 February 2009

Sona on YouTube

Never would have expected this to happen: a YouTube video about word formation in Sona. There has also been a slight increase in activity in the Sona forum.

I like the look and sound of Sona but can't seem to hold the "radicals" in my memory for any length of time. So, I fear I will never gain fluency in the language.

It's fascinating to watch how interest in Sona ebbs and flows over time. The pattern seems to be this: one person gets very interested for a month or two, then the passion fades a little and he/she puts Sona "on the back burner." A year later, somebody new comes along who is very very interested, but there is nobody else equally ardent at that time. So a self-sustaining chain reaction never occurs; little or no communication in Sona ever happens.


Simon Dyda said...

As part of my attempt to learn Sona I'm constructing my own dictionary of Sona. Well, I say "dictionary", the main idea is to have each word hyperlink to its constituent radicals. At the moment I'm still putting the radicals up.

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