13 August 2008

Book of the Week #6: Quinto Lingo magazine

Our book of the week is actually a polyglot magazine, Quinto Lingo. This magazine existed from 1964 to 1980. It published short news articles, jokes, and occasionally a play or essay. Most items were published side-by-side in 5 languages: German, French, English, Spanish and Italian.

magazine cover

The particular copy in my collection (April 1967, which I recently purchased on eBay) also included Esperanto versions of a few of the texts.

Quinto Lingo made a deep impression on many young language-lovers and inspired a few of them to choose language-related careers. There are some reminiscences in this thread from Linguist List.

If you click on the thumbnails below, you can read two pages.


A Comma in Infinity said...

Thank you. Very useful. I had been wanting to show a friend Quinto Lingo, and you delivered. Appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, my parents had Quinto Lingo around the house when I was a kid. I remember going down the pages comparing the other languages, trying to decode the English without looking.

Anonymous said...

I had fond memories of receiving the magazine.
It was stopped for awhile and started up again. Then stopped. I miss the magazine.Any chance of it printing again.