23 August 2008


If you don't know (or care) about the binaries groups on Usenet, you can skip this message.

Over on alt.binaries.world-languages the 2nd annual "Festival of Seldom Posted Languages" will be held August 29-31. There might (or might not) be a variety of interesting books and audio courses. Participation in the newsgroup has been fizzling out so I'm not super-optimistic, but if you watch the binaries groups anyway, it might be worth adding alt.binaries.world-languages to your subscriptions.


na-tëàctöp'r said...

Where can a person find a feed for this group? news.panix.com doesn't appear to carry it.


riku said...

GigaNews offers a 10 gig trial account and Newsguy offers a 20 gig free trial account. I guess you could open one of those trial accounts next Sunday or Monday and snag any files from the Festival that looked interesting. –RH