07 October 2010

any plans for 10-10-10?

The date 10/10/10 is rapidly approaching. Some people believe it's good luck to start a new project on a date that has an interesting pattern in its numbers. (Even if it's not especially lucky, at least the start-date will be easy to remember.)

So, dear readers, do you have any language-related plans for the date? Are you planning to begin or re-start the study or creation of any languages?


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or are those people the most boring people in the world?!

I swear there's a word for these dates, but it's not "palindrome"...

Anyway, I try to make a new word that is related to various languages every day. Anyone know Latin for palindrome?!

Michael Farris said...

Didn't plan it, but I briefly started working on one of my pet projects again based on my interest in Muskoghean languages.

The idea is a simplified, stripped down (but still identifiably Muskoghean) grammar and roots from all four extant branches with some differentiation as to function (but with much overlap)

Mikasuki - basic everyday vocabulary

Creek/Seminole - fills out basic vocab when needed, applied ('educated') vocabulary esp for government, science, arts

Choctaw/Chickasaw - mostly applied vocab for trade and diplomacy

Koasati/Alabama - 'extra' meanings, both slang and jargon and poetical, metaphorical.

The affixes are largely Mikasuki and Creek (with some traces of the other languages).

It can be fun fiddling around with it but I always run into the same roadblock

1. More pressing language learning concerns

2.Indecision on how to mark first and second person agents (the four languages mark them in three differnet ways)

R.K.Harrison said...

Michael, that is really interesting, I have toyed with the idea of a pan-Muskogean project for years, but their morphology is much more complex than anything I normally dabble in, so the idea is a bit daunting.