15 May 2010

best conlang bragging EVER

Sometimes we like to brag about the awesome features our conlangs have. I think the funniest, most outrageous outburst of such bragging is found in Thomas Urquhart's Logopandecteision published in 1653. You can read it here; the relevant material starts at paragraph 69.

What do you think, was Urquhart being serious or was he writing an elaborate joke? A Wikipedia article asserts the latter, but provides no reliable references which support that viewpoint.

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Jim Henry said...

Urquhart can be uproariously funny; whether intentionally or unintentionally probably doesn't matter to most readers at this date. I wrote about The Jewel and Logopandecteision in my weblog a couple of years ago. I'm still not sure, after multiple readings, whether his universal language was satirical vaporware poking fun at other philosophical languages of the time, or a serious proposal.