10 March 2008

syllable generator

Over yonder in the newsgroup alt.language.artificial there's a computer program that will generate a list of all possible syllables, based on a list of permitted initials, vowels, and endings supplied by the user. Three versions (written in BASIC, Ruby and Java) were posted. Very rudimentary but obviously you can modify them as needed. It could easily be transformed into a word generator.

The thread is here.

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Lenadi MOUCINA said...


The idea of a syllable generator is so nice that I write my own program.
It's only a html page withe some lines of javascript in the head part.
Everybody have the interpreter in his browser.
Using this code with imaginative cut and past, you can generate all digraphes, trigraphes or more and all the word that you may need.

The html page is here :

Naturely, it's free software.

Lenadi Moucina